A Custom Metal Stamping Partner Just Makes Sense

Custom Metal Stamping CompaniesAre you in need of metal parts or components? A quality metal stamping company can be an important resource for builders and buyers. Your products are the foundation of your business, and having a trusted custom metal partner can make a big difference in convenience, efficiency and profitability.

By partnering with a custom metal manufacturer, you will have the experts at hand for all your custom deep drawn stamping and fabrication needs. A good partner needs to be experienced in areas such as design, drawing, dies, stamping, production, lead-time and more. They need to be capable of producing high quality products, creating a strong customer relationship with you, committing to on-time delivery dates, while also being reasonably priced.

Capabilities of a Custom Metal Stamping Partner

When searching for the right custom metal partner, make sure they are capable of producing the products you need. Ask yourself some questions:

1) What types of metals does this manufacturer supply and what type of materials do I need?

Make sure the company uses a variety of metals because each offers different perks and your order could require a specific metal depending on your needs, quantity and budget. Consider the following:

 2) Does the metal crafter require a minimum quantity?

You want to make sure that no matter your run size, the metal partner you choose can accommodate your quantity needs. This can be critical, especially for small businesses. Some metal stamping companies will only produce large runs. Custom order companies are harder to find but certainly can help you greatly from a budgetary standpoint.

 3) How is the company’s quality control?

Naturally, you to select a partner with precision in their work and with consistent checks for quality and accuracy. Find out how the stamping staff is reviewing finished products to help ensure your orders will be completed with confidence. Are OSHA and safety standards met?

 4) Does the company have in-house engineers?

You may find yourself in a situation that you need the manufacturer to do some of the heavy lifting. Find a partner who you can rely on to help with designs and drawings to fulfill your needs and get products produced faster. You may also want engineers who understand the manufacturing processes so they can look over your submissions. Either way, a metal partner that has experienced engineers is the best way to go.

 5) Can they produce custom metal parts?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself before choosing a metal partner is if they can produce custom parts. Sometimes, stock or standard products might be sufficient but you’ll likely require custom dies and custom stamping at some point. A custom experience allows you to get products that are precise to your needs – based on metal, size, specs, and more. Understanding the custom capabilities of a metal stamping shop is critical to your decision.

 Make sure you take time to review the offerings of a metal stamping company before placing your order. Find a partner that matches your unique needs and has the custom metal stamping capabilities to match your product and order requests.

 Charles Richter Metalcraft is happy to take on the challenge of meeting your stamping needs. We have more than 100 years of experience in custom fabrication and deep drawn stamping and have formed strong customer relationships with thousands during that time. We can cater to your metal, size, specification and order quantity needs. Now that’s a partner to have!

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