A Successful Approach To Deep Drawn Stamping

Metal stamping is a craft that has been around for a very long time. In fact, you can trace it back to the seventh century B.C. Stamping has continued to evolve as new technology, machinery, and techniques were developed. This has created new opportunities throughout the industry, with some techniques that have made it through … Continue reading

What is Metal Drawing?

When it comes to the world of custom metal stamping, there are countless processes and procedures available to you. One very important procedure is known as metal drawing, or deep drawing. Now before you start picturing someone drawing a picture of metal, let me stop you. Metal drawing is a process that has been around … Continue reading

Maintaining Your Metal Stamped Parts

  Maintaining your metal stamped parts is just as important as the decision made to invest in purchasing them. At Charles Richter, we take pride in being a worldwide manufacturer that offers deep drawn metal stampings and custom metalwork services for nearly all applications across the industry. We have been using stamping presses for more than a century, manipulating metal … Continue reading