A Custom Metal Stamping Partner Just Makes Sense

Are you in need of metal parts or components? A quality metal stamping company can be an important resource for builders and buyers. Your products are the foundation of your business, and having a trusted custom metal partner can make a big difference in convenience, efficiency and profitability. By partnering with a custom metal manufacturer, … Continue reading

Brawn and Bold with Brass Deep Drawn Stamping

Deep drawn stamping is one of the most common and important metal forming processes used by metal manufactures. It’s imperative to decide on the best metal type when stamping new products. Each type of metal boasts its own unique benefits. One of the most commonly requested metals here at Charles Richter is brass. Brass deep … Continue reading

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Deep Drawing

Metal forming using deep drawing has its advantages and disadvantages. In general, the deep drawing method is highly valuable for large quantity or long run production orders for multiple reasons. That’s one of several reasons it’s been a trusted form of metalwork for hundreds of years. Deep drawing is among the most commonly used methods in sheet … Continue reading