“Small” Business Success – Right Here in the USA

What constitutes a business being considered “small?” Sure, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has their size standards and many regulations that you can read about here, but many companies, like us here at Charles Richter, produce big results! Supporting Small Businesses The SBA, since introducing Small Business Week in 1963, has recognized, honored and educated … Continue reading

Decorative Metal Stamping – More Than Just Good Looks

Think back to your younger days. There was always that one gorgeous guy or gal. Or that phenomenal sports athlete. Or a Hollywood celebrity. They always had something in common: good looks. Younger you adored them. You finally got a chance to meet them and… you were a little disappointed because their personality was horrible.  … Continue reading

Which Metal Is Right For Me?

Charles Richter has been producing customized metal stampings for over 100 years. Anything from a candle cup prototype to a large-volume order of metal lamp backs; our skilled engineers and craftsmen continue to satisfy customers. How can a company be so versatile in what is a seemingly narrow industry? Our usage of different metals.  Charles Richter … Continue reading