Long Run and Short Run Metal Stamping

The process of putting flat sheet metal through a press and creating a net shape out of the metal is metal stamping. The net that is formed by the press is what is left behind when the shape of the product has been punched out. Deep drawn and decorative stamped metal parts are also made in this fashion. And we’re masters in the art.

Short Run Stamping

Products can be manufactured in what is called short run or long run production. The short run metal stamping method is generally used for experimental, prototypes, and pilot-lot production. These production types allow for changes to design if need be. When it is not feasible to invest a large amount of money into permanent tooling for a specialty product, short run metal stamping is the production run of choice. Short lead times and fast delivery are just two of the benefits of short run metal and deep drawn stamping. Other benefits happen to be from the lower cost category, such as lower initial costs, and lower revision and maintenance costs.

Long Run and Short Run Manufacturing

Long Run Stamping

If you are going to be ordering a particular product over and over again or need very large quantities, you will probably want to go with a long run metal stamping method over short run. Low per piece costs are a benefit of long run metal stamping but the initial tooling costs are much higher than short run metal stamping. This is where it is important to do the math, calculate all of your costs, and decide how many pieces you need – and how often.

Determining the Best Solution

Questions to ask yourself, and your team, before deciding to go with a short run or a long run metal stamping manufacturer:

  • How many pieces do you need?
  • Is this a one-time order? Or will this be ongoing?
  • How fast do we need the product? Is there a tight deadline?
  • Are we in the early stages of design and not ready to order? Or do we have all the drawings needed to get the stamping die created now?

Within our 50,000 square foot facility, Charles Richter, a leading metal stamping manufacturer, holds a library of thousands of dies ready to be used and adapted to our customers’ needs. We also have several hundred presses in varying designs and capabilities. Due to our size and dexterity, we’re able to tackle both short run and long run metal stamping requests. We will work with you to calculate costs and offer the best solution to your needs. Just let us know!