What To Look For In A Lighting Parts Manufacturer

One of the most important, yet sometimes overlooked, products that you can find everywhere throughout your day-to-day life is lights and light fixtures. Just think about, if you were to look around right now, how many lights do you see? Now replicate that throughout the course of your day, how many then? Likely hundreds.

Lights and lighting parts are a lucrative industry and many lighting distributors, suppliers, and individual brands are looking to make their style the industry leader. This is why they need the best when it comes to manufacturing those various elements of lighting parts. And, while there are many businesses who claim to provide these parts, there are certain features that can help you determine the right supplier for you. Let’s take a look at what you should look for when it comes to a lighting parts manufacturer.

The first thing you need to look at are the parts the supplier can produce. You might be able to eliminate some suppliers just based on what your needs are. What type of light are you looking to produce? A lamp? A lantern? Even candle light can create a need for partnering with a bobeche manufacturer. Each variety of lighting has unique qualities to refine what it is you would need. Let’s look at lamps, for example:

  • Do you need a table mount, wall mount, ceiling mount, or something different?
  • How do you want your lamp body to look?
  • What type of shield, globe, or cover will your lamp have?
    • Depending on this, what type of cap will your lamp need?
  • What about a fitter or a cup – will your lamp require these?

These are just a few of the variations your lamp could have that you will rely on your manufacturing partner to assist you with. This same complexity can be replicated across all various lighting types you may be looking for. It is crucial to know that your lighting part manufacturing partner has the ability to produce the parts needed to create your lighting products. What is the best case scenario? Partnering with a manufacturer who can produce all variety of lighting types.


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However, in order to create these products, you need a manufacturer who has the equipment, machinery, and tools needed for consistent, reliable production. Not only do different products require different machines, but individual processes do as well. You want to be sure that, regardless of which manufacturing approach is required, you’re working with a partner who can accomplish that style of production. That can include any of the following:

A look inside the Charles Richter Warehouse Some stamped products at Charles Richter

Regardless of material, process, size, or application,  the proper machinery should be available and dependable to make sure your part is produced exactly as needed.. How does a manufacturer know what equipment works best? By having the past experience to learn what works and refine their craft.

When a light parts manufacturer has a history of production of these various parts and products, it not only will help you in knowing their capabilities, but it also will show you that they have the dies to produce what you need. This also can show that they have the ability to create a custom die which you might need for a modification or variation to a previous piece. An experienced manufacturer will be able to help lead you to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Experience provides peace-of-mind when a manufacturer has been working for over a century! How do these successful lighting part manufacturers stand the test of time? Their staff.

Metal Stamping Dies on a shelf

Having the answers to questions, implementing solutions, and understanding the production processes are all the jobs of experienced technicians. This is where passion plays a role, because employees of a lighting part manufacturer need to be passionate about the parts they are creating. When working with a manufacturer whose staff understands the production process inside-and-out, they can help you with understanding the process and giving you honest answers to your questions and concerns. 

You need to know that you are choosing a manufacturer who meets all the criteria of a quality partner. This includes not only a history of experience with producing quality and reliable products, but also a team of employees who, along with the machines they’re working on, all have great experience and reliability. Success in these areas will all lead to the most important thing for you – a quality product you can trust in a reasonable and dependable production window.

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