Why Go Decorative?

It always used to seem like, when people were planning to make any type of purchase, they had to make a choice: stylish or functional. Do they want their car to be flashy, or safe? A cell phone that looks top-of-the-line, or provides the best value? You could make a case that, for everything a person buys; from watches to houses; they’re forced to make a choice between if they want the best looking option or the most functional.

However, some items are starting to break that mold. One example of that could be custom decorative embossing and stamping. These are items that have all the functionality you’ve come to expect with custom metal stamping but with a touch of style due to their custom decorative embossing. Here are some of the various options and processes involved.

With decorative metal stamped pieces, it all comes down to the design. Depending on what the ultimate use of the piece is, a design is put together accounting for the correct layout or shape of the piece. Once the design accounts for functionality, it is updated to include a stylish supporting design. Now you will be able to stamp a decorative piece that fits exactly your needs.

Once this design is in place, it’s now time to create the die. This die will be used to form whichever material is selected [stainless steel, aluminum, steel, copper, or brass] into the decorative metal shape selected. The process most frequently used to create these customized decorative embossings is the deep drawing process. In addition to creating a strong, durable product, deep drawing also presents lower costs and a quicker production time.

Understanding how the decorative metal stamping process works, you can now look at the different styles available:


Decorative Embossing
For a custom metal product with a unique design either on the top, sides, body, or a combination of all; decorative embossing is the way to go. This can be used for any number of items, including varying wall mounts, ceiling mounts, table bases, or caps of varying types. The images to the right show some examples of these decorative embossing options.


Metal Stamping Products

Metal Stamping Products

This beautiful style, also referred to as filagree, refers to stamping done to create a delicate threading-like look. This style is a staple in a classic, victorian, or otherwise vintage room design. Use most frequently in lamp (or lighting) bases and caps, this style can really pull a room together.

Scalloped Edging
Looking just as the name suggests, custom stamped items with scalloped edging have a stylish outside applied. This feature can be applied to any number of products from lamp bases to bobeches to decorative pieces, like the example to the right.

Metal Stamping Products

No matter the application the piece will be used for, these features can be used on just about any product. It all comes down to the designing and die forming process. With this also comes the importance of manufacturers knowledge. You want to make sure you are placing your order with a manufacturer whose designers and engineers understand how to correctly tool and stamp each of these decorative styles.

How can you find out if the product you’re looking for is available with these decorative styles? Run a product search! If you look to the right of this page, you will see a blue button that says ‘Product Search’. Click that button to find a pop-up that will allow you to enter options to see available products. Decorative Embossing, Galleraties, & Scalloped Edging are just some of the available options under Product Type. You can put in specific sizes you may be looking for or just the type and let all the options be presented!

Not finding what you’re looking for or hoping to learn more about this process? Then you will want to contact a manufacturer with over 100 year in the business who can help design, tool, and develop your decorative product!