About Charles Richter Metalcraft

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Metalworking is one of the oldest trades in the world, stemming from the metal smith craft that dates back to pre-industrialized times. Leading metal stamping company and manufacturer, Charles Richter specializes in custom metal stamping, press formed products and standard lighting parts. We have been producing high-quality metal components since 1911. Some areas of expertise for commercial deep drawing applications include:

We are committed to building long-lasting partnerships with our current and future customers. These relationships allow us to provide our customers with the engineering expertise and production experience that we’ve accumulated in a century of deep drawn metal manufacturing. Our facilities sit on beautiful acreage in downstate NY while we assist customers from all over the world. 

Charles Richter Metalcraft Corporation

Our primary focus as a leading metal stamping manufacturer is to create unique solutions for our growing customer base. No matter what your drawn metal requirements may be – simple or complex, low volume or high volume – let us show you the many benefits of a true partnership. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of our engineering work and to put our years of experience to play in solving any customer challenge.

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Our 50,000 square foot facility allows us the space to house professional machinery in optimizing the deep drawn and metal stamping processes. These facilities provide our seasoned staff and engineers with the tools to customize any metal stamping request. We have in-house tooling that was designed, constructed, and maintained by our talented craftsmen. Our manufacturing facility holds an extensive library consisting of thousands of dies, which are available for the adaptation of our customer needs. Charles Richter houses several hundreds presses varying in designs and capabilities ranging from 10 to 300 tons of premise.

Decorative metal stampings, custom metal shapes, short run stamping, long run stamping and everything in between; we look forward to proving that we are committed to quality products and on-time deliveries. Let us work together, and experience the business relationship that our current customers have come to expect and enjoy. For any questions, quotes, orders or suggestions, please contact us directly.