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Charles Richter is a worldwide manufacturer of deep drawn metal stampings, offering custom metalwork services for nearly all applications across many industry. We have been using stamping presses for more than a century, manipulating metal into unique deep drawn stamping products. Our products are built-to-last and made with each customer in mind – from dimensions, to material to order size.

Products made using the deep drawn process boast a myriad of benefits, including superior uniformity from high-quality materials, cost savings in bulk custom stamping, and an extensive level of customization. In addition, the deep drawn process is ideal for projects requiring large runs of components.

Why Choose Deep Drawing?
Deep drawn stamping is typically used because it offers many advantages over traditional metal forming and manufacturing processes. The most prominent benefit is that the unit cost is decreased considerably when unit count increases. In other words, once the die is created, mass production can create large volumes of products. 

Custom Solutions 

We take great pride in producing quality, custom deep drawing products for our many customers, striving to always offer great customer experiences. That often comes a result of our fast, efficient turnaround times. From our decorative metal stampings to our custom metal shapes, we can do it. We are capable of designing items in a wide range from dimensions as small as 3/4 in and as long as 20 in. Enjoy high-quality products in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass varieties. Final deep drawn products often offer toughness and high resistance to heat and wear. Read more about the perks of each metal.

Steel Sheet Metal
Stainless Steel Stampings
Brass metal scrap materials recycling backround

Shapes and Styles

Regardless of the stamped metal shape you are looking for, we have you covered. With a full catalog of standard deep drawn products and the capabilities of manufacturing custom metal shapes, we can efficiently produce any shape or style that you are looking for with precision and professionalism. Whether you are looking for brass deep drawn stamping, lighting deep drawn stamping or decorative metal stampings, we know we can meet your needs.

See below for various options:

Decorative Metal Stamping

Deep Drawn Decorative Stamping

At Charles Richter, we apply our stamping knowledge and skills to creating both functional and beautiful pieces. Enjoy services for metal stamping and metal embossing in a variety of metal materials. With ornate and decorative patterns, we can customize designs to match your specific needs. 

Deep Drawn Stamping Advantages

Precision metal deep drawn stamping is used to make practically any part and product out of sheet metal. Charles Richter specializes in everything from spheres and cylinders, cans and cups, to housings and housewares. Deep drawn stamping is even used to make locks, appliances, and lighting components.

Deep Drawing Process

Our deep drawn stamping process allows for flat sheet metal made of various metals to be turned into shapes of three-dimensional form. The stamping presses are made up of a die and a punch. The die section is a cavity, which is in the shape of the desired end result. Sheet metal must first move over the die before the stamping occurs. Using a mechanical action punch, the metal is deep drawn or stretched into the forming die creating the desired shape.

Benefits of Deep Drawing

Usable Metals

Components made from deep drawn stamping enjoy many benefits. They can be made with great uniformity, from high-quality metals like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

Cost Savings

Since the process uses custom dies and industrial stamping machines, you see a significant cost saving in bulk stampings.


Charles Richter also has an extensive library of dies, which can be adapted and customized to make large runs of deep drawn stampings for very short lead times. If you're making a common sized product, chances are we've made a million of its components. Charles Richter has the capabilities to walk you through the entire process, from the conceptualization and design to the actual manufacture of your product's components. 

Bulk Orders

Deep drawn stampings are perfect for making large runs of components. If you need a particular part for the creation or finishing of your product, we can fulfill larger orders to help you create your products.

With incredible experience‚ Charles Richter has been making precision stampings since 1911‚ and we can undertake any metal forming project with speed and economy. Since deep drawn stamping is inherently less costly and wasteful than the alternatives, the savings are passed onto you.

Our world-class facility features hundreds of presses ranging from 10 to 300 tons. We're equipped for the most challenging metal forming projects, so when you're searching for a company to form your metal parts and components, we're here for you. We're the experts at deep drawn stamping!

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