Short Run Metal Stamping 

The short run metal stamping method is commonly used for experimental products and prototypes. It could be used as a testing ground when vetting our products or parts. This production type allows for changes to be made to the design, if needed. When it is just not feasible to invest a large amount of money into permanent tooling for a specialty product (or large quantities), short run stamping is the production run of choice. 

Short Run Stamping


Short run stamping uses a combination of “stock” tools, custom-made tooling components, and die inserts to manufacture parts through multiple one-hit stations. Short run deep drawn metal stampings involve a combination of machines that are able to produce stampings to meet rigorous requirements.

Below is the step-by-step process: 

  1. A blank is created 
  2. Any desired interior holes or slots are added
  3. Stamps, bends or other 3D features are implemented
  4. Drilling operations (if required)
  5. Finishing process like plating, painting, coating




Benefits of Short Run Stamping

Quick Turn Around

Not only does the actual production phase result in short lead times, but products can also be delivered faster than long run stampings.

Cost Effective Pricing

Short run, or small volume, orders require minimal tooling expense. Initial costs, along with revisions and maintenance, are less expensive at Charles Richter.

A Qualified Team

We have been producing metal stampings since 1911. Our loyal customers have made us a reputable business in our industry. 

Trusted Process

Our trusted process is just another reason why Charles Richter stands above the rest in the metal stamping field.

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