Industries We Serve

The metalcraft industry has grown and evolved over the past 100 years and Charles Richter has been right there every step of the way. We’ve made sure to use our skills and expertise to the fullest to better serve businesses and industries seeking our deep drawing capabilities for their applications. From basic deep drawn stamping to intricate lamp component fabrication, we produce a variety of high-quality products by using different types of stamping techniques in our robust facility in downstate NY. Our metal crafting capabilities have allowed us to serve a large variety of businesses and industries. 

Custom Metal Stamping Companies

In our time in the metal stamping industry, we’ve come to understand that different industries have different needs and require different products. Regardless of the industry and the specifications, we are confident we will be able to meet your company’s deep drawing application needs by producing the highest quality products to your requests. With precision thinking, expertise in a variety of metals, and persistent execution, we will drive your vision forward.

We are capable of meeting any and all unique demands of any industry we serve. These include:

Our capabilities allow us to go outside of these areas as well and provide custom solutions to meet any of your deep drawing metal stamping application needs.