Unique Shapes and Styles

Metal stamping processes allow for all sorts of custom metal shapes to be produced. Metal shapes can take the form of something as common as a square or cylinder or something unusual like an intricate protective shield around an industrial part. Through metal spinning and deep draw stamping, we are able to meet customer requests with quick turnaround times.

Different Metal Spinning Products Shapes

The key process used to produce custom metal shapes is deep drawn stamping. We use this process to ensure that metal shapes are strong and durable. Deep draw stamping is also used to lower cost and increase production speeds. A die is first designed and engineered and sheet metal is pulled through the stamps to develop the precise item requested. 

With the deep draw stamping process, a product can be produced in such a way that reduces waste and time, resulting in overall cost savings.

Some popular shapes that have been produced for our many customers in the past include:

For more than 100 years, Charles Richter has been producing complex custom metal shapes. Whether we need to use metal spinning or deep draw stamping, the result is the same – a desired high-quality metal object that is both functional and long-lasting!

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