Long Run Metal Stamping

Long run stamping – sometimes referred to as progressive stamping – is ideal when volumes can justify the cost of tooling. Long run deep drawn stamping is actually the most common stamping process today. It is often the preferred method of stamping for engineers, designers and buyers due to the low price-per-piece method of manufacturing. In other words, it’s the most cost-efficient process and creates the best piece.

 Long Run and Short Run Manufacturing

Benefits of Long Run Stamping

Depending on the part, productions can easily run well over 800 parts/minute. Some stamping methods that can be done in long run format include bending, piercing, coining, and of course, deep drawing. While this is cost-efficient, the desired volume of parts must always offset the cost of tooling. Below are some reasons why Charles Richter is perfect for your long run stamping needs.

  • Efficient cycle times 
  • Cost effective pricing

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