Decorative Metal Embossing and Stamping

In need of elegant, decorative metal pieces? Let Charles Richter be your go-to decorative metal stamping resource. We’ve perfected our decorative techniques and our stamping process over the course of 100 years. 

Like other metal stampings, decorative pieces can come from a variety of materials. Popular choices include steel, copper, brass, stainless steel and aluminum – it all depends on your project’s needs. Not sure which to pick? Most manufacturers have a team of engineers, just as we do, to help you decide, and will walk you through each step of the manufacturing process.

 Many metal stamping tools and machines are a result of the industry evolving daily. These machines create products that come in all different shapes and sizes, allowing customers to customize stampings for their liking. This includes metal embossing, scalloped edging, galleraties patterns, and more.


Operating more than 100 presses throughout our history, we are more than capable of producing high-quality metal stamped products in a variety of forms and sizes. We use the deep drawn stamping process to create decorative metal components that will add unique style and flair to nearly any finished piece. Decorative pieces – depending on the project – must be able to withstand the elements. That includes rain, snow, wind, hail and more.They must also endure intense temperatures, both hot and cold. Lighting fixtures can become very hot while handrails can become frigid in the winter. Decorative pieces must sustain everyday wear and tear, like in jewelry. Imagine how many times you bump into a table or drop that ring you’re wearing.

Decorative metal stampings and metal embossed products from Charles Richter are available in a number of different patterns that can be applied to most products. Our decorative items are available in steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. So the next time fancy metalwork catches your eye and makes you say “Woah, that’s pretty cool,” just remember: Charles Richter can do that, and more!

Put in an order for decorative pieces today!