Deep Drawn Equipment

Charles Richter utilizes top-of-the-line metal stamping equipment. For more than 100 years, we have specialized in deep drawn stamping, custom metal working and the metal stamping process. Our modern metal stamping tools and metal working equipment help keep costs down to better serve our customers. In a typical metalworking environment, one usually comes across four-steps. 

Step #1

The first step in the process starts in the engineering department where metalworkers draw up shapes and objects before developing dies to do the forming of the objects. This involves changing raw metal materials into metal objects using a variety of tools and processes.

Step #2

The drawing that is approved is then passed to the metal working team who evaluates the drawings and decides on which processes and metal stamping equipment to use. Some products require a multiple of processes or machines before they are finished.

Step #3

The product is then moved to the welding phase, where there are several options, depending on the products being used. This is where the parts are put together and some may require a bending process.

Step #4

Your product takes its final form in the machining process, making this the most important phase. This phase includes the use of any number of metal forming tools and metal working equipment to accomplish like tapping, boring, turning, milling, drilling, grinding or sawing. The product is then put into final assembly, where skilled staff put the finishing touches on the product, dependent on the piece’s end use.

Metal Stamping Press
Metal work
Manufacturing and assembly  factory

Every project Charles Richter completes is unique to each customer’s needs using the most efficient and high-quality metal working equipment available. We are happy to work with you through every step of the process to fulfill your custom requests and orders.

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