Aluminum Stamping

At Charles Richter, one of the many metals we choose to work with is aluminum for its many positive qualities. Since we are a full service metal stamping producer, we have the technology and expertise to take your deep drawn aluminum concept all the way through from form to finish. We transform aluminum into shapes and decorative pieces that are then used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, HVAC, among others.

Deep drawn aluminum has a greater physical strength versus unworked aluminum. We manufacture both simple and complex parts with outstanding accuracy and quality. 


Properties of Aluminum:

  • Strength increases at low temperatures
  • Makes up about 8% of the Earth’s solid surface, by weight
  • Malleable
  • Has good thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Nonmagnetic

Benefits of Aluminum:

  • Completely recyclable
  • It’s about one-third the weight of steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Very durable

Each metal offered at Charles Richter Metatcraft has its own unique metal properties which might be more suitable to certain application uses. Whatever your desired metal, we can manufacture the piece you need. Contact us to learn more about the specific benefits of metals and get a price for your project.