Custom Metal Lighting Components

For more than a century, Charles Richter has been producing quality lighting parts. Our metal lighting catalog now contains more than 2,000 available products. These metal lighting parts are produced using our metal stamping process that we have been perfecting over the past 100 years.

Custom Metal Lighting Parts

We have always worked to stay ahead of the trends in the lighting industry, constantly evolving to match the needs of our customers. Parts are available in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Lighting parts are one of our key specialty areas at Charles Richter and we are proud to service customers across the world with their metalworking needs.

The light backings that we manufacture are ultra sturdy because we know how important it is to your lighting units. We ensure that all backings in all shapes and metals are engineered and manufactured with both aesthetics and durability in mind.  The variety of lighting bases we offer include wall, ceiling and floor lights, offered in many shapes, sizes and metal types.

Using our metal stamping technology, we produce some of the most decorative metal stampings and durable metal bobeches on the market today. The metal light bodies and clusters that we carry are available in a variety of rich metal materials that are professionally stamped through our proven deep drawn process. Charles Richter also carries metal light canopies, decorative metal light caps, metal circline mounts and more. Our dedicated and talented designers and engineers will offer innovative solutions for your metal stamping needs. Whether you are a small manufacturing company building lighting units, or a buyer for a large lighting corporation, we have you covered.

We will always save you the most time and money on your projects. With thousands of dies available for use or modification we are sure we have the right one for you. Contact us today for your metalworking needs.