Metal Options in Metalwork

At Charles Richter, we transform various types of metals into shapes and decorative pieces. Each piece we manufacture can be integrated into a variety of items ranging from household appliances to processing systems. Our 100 years of engineering expertise allows us to provide our customers with customized metal products that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.


Each sheet of metal goes through a process where it’s molded into a specific shape and size. We use a variety of materials that serve as a foundation for the quality products we manufacture. Since each metal has unique physical and chemical properties, it is important to understand the differences. On each page listed below, we break down how certain features – like strength, durability, resistance and other benefits – lead to choosing which metal is perfect for our customers’ next metal stamping project. The deep drawing process strengthens, forms and styalizes the sheet metal into decorative, functional, and/or finished end products. Our metal products are available in the following types:


So What Metal Should You Choose for Your Next Project?
Metals have unique physical properties and benefits. For instance, aluminum weighs less than most metals. Therefore it is less expensive to ship. It also accepts finishes well such as liquid paint and powder coatings, allowing for easy customization and polishing. Stainless steel has a polished finish, great for elegant settings. Make sure you understand each metal’s properties before making a decision.
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