Our Trusted Stamping Techniques

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Charles Richter is an experienced expert in metal stamping and deep drawing processes, helping supply customers with industrial metal parts. Our modern facilities are equipped with the most efficient machinery that allows our expert staff to produce the specifications our customers require.

Since 1911, our staff has been perfecting the metal stamping process. We have optimized our deep draw stamping process, allowing flat sheet metal, made of various quality metals, to be turned into complex shapes of 3D form.

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Charles Richter Metalcraft is one of the leading metal stamping shops in the Northeast. With more than 100 years of experience of precise and decorative deep drawn stamping techniques, we pride ourselves in not only knowing our technical machineries inside and out, but also having the skills and flexibility to match customers’ unique needs. We offer metal stamping services and a variety of standard lighting parts within our extensive portfolio.

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Materials and Quality

Metal stamping is the process of using dies to form sheet metals into various shapes, sizes and objects. Whether it is an intricate part to heavy industrial machinery, or a typical item like a metal ashtray, all metal objects are punched and formed through stamping techniques. 

Premier, Quality Products
Charles Richter focuses on metal stamping with the following metals: steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. Our staff is exact in their stamping techniques and cuts to ensure premier, quality end products. Heavy mechanical presses punch out custom designs made from our special dies. Finished products are then examined and verified before being shipped out.

Charles Richter is made up of an experienced team, highly trained in metal stamping, custom metal working services, and various other methods to shaping malleable metals.

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