Metalworking Resources

Metalworking is a long-standing practice, which involves crafting metals into individual parts, pieces or structures. Previously done by blacksmiths, much of today’s metal forming is performed by industrial metalworking shops and stamping manufacturers. Metalworking encompasses many different techniques to change the form and look of the metals. It can be used for something as small as a lighting part to something as large as shipping structures. By partnering with a custom metal manufacturer like Charles Richter, you will have the experts at hand for all your custom deep drawn stamping and fabrication needs. A good partner needs to be experienced in areas such as design, drawing, dies, stamping, production, lead-time and more. They need to be capable of producing high-quality products, creating a strong customer relationship with you, committing to on-time delivery dates, while also being reasonably priced.

Shapes Thin

Charles Richer is a leader in the metalworking field, specially focused on deep drawn stamping techniques. With more than 100 years of experience, we service a wide variety of businesses across industries with their metal product needs. Browse through some of our resource pages to learn about the inner workings of metal stamping and deep drawing.


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