Metal Stamping Did What?!

8 Products You Might Not Know Come From Metal Stamping

Take a quick look around your office, home or wherever you happen to be right now. Notice any products that are clearly the result of metal stamping processes? Things that come to mind are pots and pans, metal chairs, various brackets and clamps, silverware, seat belts and more.

After reading the list below, you’ll surprisingly be able to pick out a few more items as well. The metal stamping industry is unique in the idea that many of our products and services go unnoticed. However, that doesn’t take away from the importance of sturdy, well-designed metal stampings that hold many of the everyday objects you come across together.

1. Jewelry

How do you think that watch you’re wearing stays clamped – magic? What about those tiny, intricate grooves on the knob used to change the time? Both of these, along with many other jewelry parts, are the direct result of metal 

metal stamped jewelry

stamping. Metal stamping is also a favorite tactic for engraving jewelry.

2. Lamp Bases

Lamp bases for crucial for lamps to – well, you know – stand up. Metal lamp bases are popular because they are more durable and able to hold more weight than plastic or other bases. Take a look at lamp bases to see different designs, hole sizes, shapes and more.

3. Metal Floor Tiles

Interior designers love the different styles, textures, and designs that metal floor tiles can present. Many warehouses and other workplaces specifically use diamond floor plating or treading to help prevent injuries and accidents.

4. Signs

This includes the different shapes of street signs (think stop sign, speed signs, caution signs and more). Also, custom metal stamped signs (think exit signs) are everywhere you look!

5. Fire Sprinkler HeadsMetal Stamping Products

Look up and take a peek at the fire sprinkler. These are carefully designed and crafted through metal stamping. The choice of metal is imperative because not only must the sprinkler perform its job, it must be resist corrosion and rust from water should it ever set off.

6. Lanterns

Okay, this may be a shameless plug. Check out our styles of metal lanterns we offer here at Charles Richter. These lanterns work well with both candles and electrical lighting, indoors and out. Our design and engineering team can also create custom metal lanterns to fit your specific needs!

7. Currency and Other Coins

That 37 cents in your pocket leftover from lunch? You can thank metal stamping for it. There is a six-step process that the U.S. Minting Factories take in order to create currency coins. Check it out here. The GIFs below detail Step One (Blanking) and Step 4 (Striking). These metal stamping presses make the coin-making process precise and automated.

Blank PressStriking Press, Coin Press

8. Cans

This MadeHow article alludes to the fact that roughly 100 billion aluminum cans are made in the United States annually. Metal stamping, specifically deep drawing, is part of the process that creates these soda, beer, and other various beverage cans. The process truly is amazing – just imagine that Diet Coke can on your desk started off as a thin sheet of metal.

Clearly, metal stamping isn’t as dull as you may think. There are many ways to get creative in order to manufacture sleek custom products. View some of the products we make right here in our warehouse!


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