Which Metal Is Right For Me?

Charles Richter has been producing customized metal stampings for over 100 years. Anything from a candle cup prototype to a large-volume order of metal lamp backs; our skilled engineers and craftsmen continue to satisfy customers. How can a company be so versatile in what is a seemingly narrow industry? Our usage of different metals.  Charles Richter … Continue reading

Maintaining Your Metal Stamped Parts

  Maintaining your metal stamped parts is just as important as the decision made to invest in purchasing them. At Charles Richter, we take pride in being a worldwide manufacturer that offers deep drawn metal stampings and custom metalwork services for nearly all applications across the industry. We have been using stamping presses for more than a century, manipulating metal … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Metal Stamping Parts Beat Out Plastic

One change the stamping industry has seen throughout its history is that some manufacturers have implemented plastic stamping into their product lines.  Not at Charles Richter.  We have a strong belief in our metal stampings and the longevity they enjoy, serving our customers for years to come. There’s an old saying, “If it ain’t broken, … Continue reading